Course Offerings:   Shotgun:

  1. Basic: (2 days) This course is for new shotgun owners who have had no structured training from a formal class or organization. Learn the safe and proper way to use your shotgun, develop good habits early. This class will take the novice to a level of confidence in safely using the shotgun.
  2. Topics Covered:

    Proper mindset Safe weapon handling Shooting positions
    Nomenclature Ammunition Sling use
    Care and maintenance Loading/unloading Reloading
    Slings and equipment Basic marksmanship Basic course of fire

  3. Defensive Shotgun: (2 days) This course is designed to develop the basic skills needed to properly use the shotgun for self defense, safely and effectively. Students will be trained in techniques that are proven to work in the high stress environment of personal defense, proper training saves lives. Every shotgun owner is responsible to know how to use their weapon safely and effectively, the lives of you and others may depend on it! Invest in yourself and your loved ones learn how to use your weapon. This is a basic course for those who want to build a solid foundation of shooting ability.
  4. Topics Covered:

    Combat mindset Shooting positions Intro critical shooting
    The shotgun & accessories Combat marksmanship Threat engagements
    Training focus Carry & ready positions Target discretion/ID
    Dynamics of engagements Reloading speed Turns & corners
    Gunshot effects Sighted and unsighted fire Cover and concealment
    Support side shooting Close quarter shooting Malfunctions

  5. Combative Shotgun: (2 days) This course is designed to provide the individual with the information and skills needed for the proper application of the shotgun in the combat environment. This is not a basic level course, it will build on the foundation the student has received from structured organizational training or a formal shooting school; Students are expected to have a good working knowledge of weapon handling, training will be fast paced and challenging. Gun fighting is the focus of this class; the techniques used are aggressive and effective. Develop your skills; there will be only one winner in a gun fight.
  6. Topics Covered:

    The mental switch Hostage rescue shooting Reloading
    Engagement speed Threat engagement Battle space management
    Gunshot effects Target discretion/ID Shooting on the move
    Combat marksmanship Weapon presentation Proper use of cover
    Support side shooting Sighted and unsighted fire Close quarter shooting
    Time, distance, speed & cover Intro to point shooting Malfunctions
    One hand operation 5 points of performance Training concepts
    Shooting positions Multi target engagements Empty weapon response

  7. Level 1: (1 day) Learn the proper application of the Shotgun for defensive use; this powerful weapon is largely misunderstood in regard to its use in personal combat. This weapon sets itself apart from others with its powerful and lethal ability to deliver massive fire power on target, learn it and respect it. It is by no means a point, shoot and forget weapon system, it requires the same training and attention as your other firearms do........
  8. Topics Covered:

    Handling skills Marksmanship Close quarter shooting
    Slings and equipment Zeroing/ Sights Reloading
    Ammunition Target engagement Malfunctions
    Shooting positions Target discretion/ID Empty weapon response

  9. Level 2: (1 day) Learn the proper application of the Shotgun by the individual; understand the role of the Shotgun in the combat environment. The Shotgun is a decisive tool when used properly; it provides the user with a distinct advantage in close personal combat. Knowing how to use the Shotgun effectively tilts the odds in the individualís favor, a lack of ability, can lead to tragedy and legal actions.........
  10. Topics Covered:

    Handling skills Multi target engagements Point shooting
    Slings and equipment Target discretion/ID Close quarter shooting
    Shooting positions Use of cover Reloading
    Marksmanship Turns Empty weapon response

  11. Level 3: (1 day) This is an advanced level course; all shooters must possess refined handling skills and be able to apply their weapon at speed. The course is also physically demanding and students should be fit, running short distances is required. The shooters will be pushed to the edge of their performance ability and leave with a clear understanding of their limits; this provides a clear outline to use for improvement.
  12. Topics Covered:

    Handling skills Malfunctions Point shooting
    Advanced positions Multi target engagements Close quarter shooting
    Combat marksmanship Target discretion/ID Shooting on the move
    Stress engagements Critical shooting Time, distance and cover
    Tactical/Speed Reloading Empty weapon response

  13. Shotgun Speed: (1 day) This course is designed to take the shooters speed to the next level; this is not a basic level class. Students are expected to have solid shooting skills; this will be a fast paced program. Engagement speed is a vital part of winning a gun fight, the ability to fire fast and effectively can determine who wins and losses. Take the challenge and test yourself, be the fighter you know you can be.
  14. Topics Covered:

    Combat mindset Combat accuracy Weapon presentation
    Training focus Combat mount Reloading speed
    Trigger speed Stance Attack movement
    Recoil management Multiple targets Combat follow through